Travelogue - Toni Lovejoy
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I had a hard time at Yellowstone. Thinking about God at the Hot Springs. What it said about Him. Even as I write this, I struggle. What did the burning heat, mists, multiple-colors, ever changing, growing, dying, growing again formations, and erupting waters say? How did it speak to Gods invisible nature.

There were signs placed all around us here, that the ground was fragile, to step lightly. There were signs warning about being scalded, to not put our hands in the water. That we needed to be aware, people had died and had been scalded to death.
I think about this now and I see how again we don't approach God with respect. We step over Him, around Him and on Him. We have tried to strip Him of the mystery that is present in His nature. Shrouded. Even Moses was changed by being in the presence of God. Seeing the face of God changed Moses. The others were afraid to even hear His voice. Told Moses that they would wait for him to tell them what God had said. We on the other hand, have no fear. We approach, as if He is our best friend. Someone off the street. We convince ourselves that He is our "Daddy" in the same way our biological fathers are. While we may approach God, He does tell us to take off our shoes because we are on holy ground. The Yellowstone sign tells us to not walk on the fragile ground. To not put our hands in the water or we will be burned. The burning bush. "Approach with caution."

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