Artist Statement - Toni Lovejoy
Standing on Holy Ground

Romans 1:19-20 states that God has made Himself evident through His creation. That man is without excuse. Essentially, that no one can say, “I haven’t seen God or known God.” Genesis 1:3-4 says God created light and that light was good.

I photograph light.

And I photograph shadows. God is light and I seek His face in my photographs. This informs my decisions. This informs my view of the world.

When I photograph, I ask, "What does this say about God?" "How has He defined Himself in this creation?" Sometimes the answer is instant and other times I don't know the answer until after I've made the photograph. Sometimes it comes while editing and sometimes I don’t get an answer until someone shares their view about the image.

However, this I do know, if we are created in His image and He has made Himself evident in all created things through His divine power and invisible attributes, then I can see Him and know Him by His creation.

This is my artist’s statement.

I seek the face of God by chasing the light that travels over and reveals His creation.

When I find reflections of God’s glory, I seek to share it. I have found that because light exists, darkness is exposed. If there is only light, than a photograph cannot be made. The image is what a photographer would refer to as "blown out". Too much dark and the image can be ruined. The contrast of light and shadow is what creates the image. Painting with light is the definition of photography.

Too much light reminds me of when Moses was on the mountain and God positioned him to stand in such a way so that Moses could only see the back of God. And even in the tailwinds of God’s glory, Moses was changed.

Photography changes me.

It helps me to see the world, to see people and ultimately to see God. The world becomes embraceable within a photograph. Because life is vast and fleeting, a photograph grabs hold of a passing moment in time. And just like a waterfall…just like flowing waters that cannot be taken in as a whole…

I embrace the creation of God.

One photograph at a time.

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